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School project I

In 2020, during the second trimester of my studies, I had to create, with 3 other students, a robot that must follow a line. We started to understand how to code the integrated boards, how to control the wheels and the motion or how to communicate between the different parts of the robot.
Unfortunately, COVID-19 made it impossible to finish the robot. Instead we had to work on a simulation. But beyond that, we had the opportunity to play with the robot and discover it.

School project II

In 2021, we had to make a drawing application. We learned to use Angular, Express and MongoDB. And moreover, we learned to work in a team. That was some sort of a marathon, we had to be organized, aware of what everyone was doing and respect schedules. It was satisfying to work on it and to do as most as we could to make the project as good as possible.
Obviously, we worked on other classes at the same time, so we did not have as much time as we wanted to make it somewhat perfect, so there are some bugs and UX and UI problems. But anyway, this was very interesting to do.

School project III

In 2022, we had to make a Scrabble application both for web and mobile. We continued to use Angular and used Android Studio with Kotlin. The goal was to make both of the platform able to communicate. We had quite a few features to implement like spectating, playing the game with more than two players, accounts managment, and so on.
For me, that project was especially interesting for all the team management we had to face against. We had some problems during the development, and it was important to resolve them in the best way possible.


During my studies at Polytechnique Montréal, I participated to an student association called PolyGames. The goal of this association is to group people together aroudn the creation of videogames. For an exposition organized by PolyGames, showcasing games made by other universities, we decided to make a few games. This is one of them. I made this game with a friend, Guilhem Soares, using Godot Game Engine. As being more passionate about the project, I took the lead and worked a lot on it. I really like this game, especially since it was made in such a small period of time.
The game is supposed to be played on an arcade booth that we had at Polytechnique, so the controls are not adapted for keyboards, but it's still playable. It's a puzzle game where the player has to place blocs on a grid to make lines so they can disappear. There is also a multiplayer mode, even though this part could be balanced in a better way.

Rounded Rocky Walls 2

After a lot of time without actually making games, I thought it was time to get back to it. I heard of the game engine Godot, and I thought it was a great project. I wanted to make a game with it, something somewhat simple, something that would help me understand how the game engine works for making other games in the future. So I decided to remake a game I made a while ago, and just iterate on the formula. So it's still a simple rhythm game where the player has to avoid being hit by obstacles. There are still that control mechanic that twists the brain of the players, but I think it's what makes the game fun. One top of that, for this one, I took the time to actually make most of the musics for the game.

Rounded Rocky Walls

This is the first big ambitious game I made. I made it from scratch: I created my game engine based on LWJGL (in Java) and used it to create the game. I did not make the musics though. I made it in 2016. I really like the game and the concept. I swear I will remake it someday. Make it even more juicy and "arcade", get compositors and all to make the best thing possible. Just for the sake of it!

Hurry Up!

I made this game — and 8 other ones — for the Ludum Dare. This is a game jam where you have 48 hours to make a game. This game is quite particular to me because this is, I think, the best one. The main reason for that is because I continue to work on it after the jam itself. Plus, it is quite meta and I like that. I think it's fun.

Falling Forms

This game has a special place in my heart. I really like it, but I never finished it. It lacks something, the game's too simple to my taste. It looks like a big mini-game in a way. But anyway, I think it is very cool, the bosses are neat and their attacks are visually powerful. I note it somewhere: "Finish this game once and for all.". There.

Runner out of power

Another game made for the Ludum Dare. This one is not that special. The only reason I dedicate a section for it is that because I made an AI that learns to play this game. Unfortunately, I lost my datas so I can't show you what it was about, but here is the thing: I made a genetic algorythm to teach the AI to play. After that, I continued to create AI that learns to play to games, and I think that's fun.

Other games

Finally, here are all my other games. Some are old, some others are more recent. Though, each one of them made me learn something, which is something that I really enjoy.

SunLife, the webcomic

SunLife is my first webcomic. I started this project back in January 2020. I really love creating stories that can inspire people, making them feel something.
Sadly, the project is dead now. I continued drawing for myself, getting more into character design. It did learn me quite a lot of things, from the managment of a project and the managment of my motivation for example. It does not reflect my current drawing skills anymore though.

Météo du jeudi 13 juillet 2084

In France, when I was in high school, I had a cinema class. This is the first project I made with a friend for this class. We were really proud of this. I mean, for the first time I made something really neat in 3 or 4 days. It is in French though, sorry for that ahah.

Spauranmosch 1a

In spring 2017, we made another movie for our cinema class. This one is quite particular because we made it in about 3 hours. We are really glad that this little video looks like a real documentary. I mean, obviously it is kind of amateur, but we like the fact that it looks serious.

Aux couleurs du tissu

Again for the cinema class, for my last year, I had to make, with two of my friends, a movie. It was meant to be the last thing we do, so we wanted to do something big. Moreover, few months later, I went to the Canada, so yeah, we wanted to create something big, finally. We decided to make an animated movie. We worked for an entire year on our spare time and here is the result. Well, it obviously has problems, but we are really proud of it.
I personally loved working with my friends, with a team. It was so rewarding to work together, to see kind of a synergy. I do not think we were that efficient, but in the end, both the travel and the product are unforgettable.


In 2015, we were already into making films. Playing with friends and making fun things together is cool, isn't it? So we made 4 live shorts, all 4 in the same universe. The acting is awful and the story itself is quite weird, but here is the thing: we had fun making this! I can not be not proud of this, even if it is an awkward thing to watch ahah.

Hi! 👋
I'm Mathieu Casubolo,
developer and projects enthusiast.
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Well! My name is Mathieu Casubolo (or Mathiouza on the web) and I am 23 years old.

I am French and I live in Montréal, QC, Canada since August 2018 for my bachelor degrees in Computer Science.

I'm very interested in software engineering. In fact, I discovered coding back in 2011. Since then, I have learned and pushed my limits in this field.

This is not the only thing I love though. To be honest, I think I am even more interested in creating all sorts of things. So, I'm making games and programs, films, stories, comics, musics and so on...

So, yeah, creating is the thing in life that makes me wake up in the morning.